Google has very accurate information on revenues of a domain investor, google competitor

It appears that google has excellent business intelligence in India, with very accurate information on the revenues of a harmless domain investor, google competitor whose resume, investment, memory, correspondence have been stolen, which allows google to plan and execute losses very accurately .
From december 2016 onwards, google was able to cause losses to the harmless google competitor deindexing websites, decreasing the domain authority. However realizing that ntro, cbi, google, tata were not allowing her to get any work offline in a fair manner, the google competitor did some research and was able to increase her revenues marginally in september to meet her target
However google got detailed information of the increase in revenues and their associate justin who specializes in deindexing websites sent an email asking for a list of websites, so that they could be deindexed, to again decrease revenues.
25-30 september is the current deadline for deindexing, however new domains are always available, the old blog will be uninstalled, and a new blog will be installed, following the tradition of the indonesians, turkish, japanese
It would be interesting to know the name, designation of the indian government employees who are leaking financial information of the google competitor, link seller, domain investor to google.