Indian internet sector support for CYBERCRIME, FAKE computer work CLAIMS shows that the lack of honesty, humanity of indian tech, internet companies led by google, tata

If the high status good looking raw/cbi employees do not want to spend their time and money doing computer work at home, they should not be making fake claims and getting monthly government salaries, great powers at the expense of the person spending their time doing the computer work.

Other women like greedy goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan do not have a computer at home, yet google, tata, goa government are making fake claims about scammer sunaina to give her great powers since 2012 without being questioned

These women like google, tata sponsored greedy goan gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro should choose, whether they want to spend their time cooking, cleaning for their fraud families, studying, enjoying themselves or doing computer work, spending time cooking, cleaning and then faking computer work is a clear case of FRAUD, labor law violations.Yet showing the complete lack of honesty, humanity of indian tech, internet companies led by google, tata have supported CYBERCRIME, FAKE CLAIMS since 2010, giving the fake excuse that domain ownership justifies the fraud
Like the share investment, domain ownership is also investment, when the raw/cbi employees do not want to invest in domains , why are they cheating, exploiting the person who takes the risk of investing. If they feel that domains are so valuable, they can always purchase the domains, domains are sold for thousands and millions daily, many sales are listed at

It is an indication of the widespread fraud, lack of honesty, humanity and data manipulation in the indian government that no one is questioning the obvious fraud of CYBERCRIME, faking computer work since 2010, instead the mental health of the person actually spending time doing computer work is questioned when she becomes angry at being CHEATED, EXPLOITED