As google,tata continue to promote their favorite panaji prostitute R&AW employee, cheaters as an online expert, online advertisers flee

Advertising are selling their service or product and consumers will only trust an ad shown on a medium which they consider reliable, google, tata are involved in one of the greatest sex, bribery rackets, financial frauds online, getting raw/cbi jobs for goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds who have never invested any money online, never done any work online, only to destroy the life of a hardworking google competitor

google, tata’s favorite sex workers, frauds especially their favorite panaji prostitute goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan, providing sex services to ntro, government employees, using tata pimps,veena, nayanshree are least interested in doing work online, investing money online, yet the top companies like google, tata are least bothered about the credibility of the medium, and continue to pamper call girls, frauds,

The fraud and lies of google, tata, ntro can be easily proved yet the indian internet sector is least interested in being a trusted medium, so the sex racket continues. Realizing that there is a lot of manipulation online, it cannot be trusted, online advertisers especially larger brands are fleeing.

Internet looses advertisers because of extensive manipulation, frauds with great powers

A television news channel reported that some of the largest advertisers were reducing their digital media spending mainly because of extensive manipulation, lack of honesty in the internet sector, due to google and others.

For example google, tata sponsored goan call girl R&AW employee sunaina, siddhi have been given great powers in the indian internet sector , falsely claiming that the sex workers have the impressive resume, investment of a google competitor, when actually they are only providing sex services. So these women and their associates are ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor, falsely labelling all her content as spam, because she is exposing their extra marital affairs with top officials, who are then falsely claiming that the sex workers are online experts.

It is not correct for a person like sidhi (nayanshree ), sunaina world famous for her extra marital affairs with top indian government employees to get a raw job , to be censoring content on extra marital affairs. On television, movies there is a lot of content, stories on extra marital affairs, so why is online content falsely labelled as spam, websites like deindexed,