We Cannot Imagine Living Anywhere else

Most people my age head south when they retire. My husband and I have never done things the so called normal way though. We were both born and raised in the north, but we moved south nearly 30 years ago. When he retired, we were so ready to head back north to live out our golden years. We knew we were going to get an apartment close to D.C. because that is where our daughter and her family live. I looked at apartments for rent in Manassas VA since it is close to her house without being right next to her.

My husband did not care where we lived, because we are used to traveling for hours to see family and friends anyway. Whether we had to travel an hour or just ten minutes, he was okay with either one. His only request was that we live close to a really nice golf course, which is why I chose Palisades. We both get what we want from living there. He gets a respectable golf course just minutes away, and I get my grandchildren just minutes away too. While he may not care if we travel an hour, it was my goal to not have to do that.

We ended up with a two bedroom apartment, because we both left a lot of friends behind in Florida. We knew that we would have a steady stream of visitors at least a couple of times a month, and we wanted to have a nice room and private bath for any of our friends who decided to come and visit. We knew we were going to have a nice place to live, but I don’t think either of us realized just how nice Palisades was going to be for us. Now we cannot imagine living anywhere else!