Indian tech, internet companies show their dishonesty in criminally defaming the domain investor they closely monitor

One of the best indications of the dishonesty, lack of humanity of the indian tech and internet sector, is how they are extremely vicious in criminally defaming the domain investor who they are closely monitoring to get new business ideas, find the next way to make money online since 2010
The tech and internet companies are so dishonest that they have refused to acknowledge that she alone is spend her time doing computer work, denying her fundamental right, the right to a life of dignity.
Instead these cheater liar companies, as part of work at home fraud deal, internet companies making fake claims about the young people in the house where their wifi hacking equipment is installed to rob the data of the domain investor with CHEATER LIAR accenture employee short slim married architect telugu trisha being the latest beneficiary of the work at home fraud of tech and internet companies
These extremely powerful and rich companies do not have the grace and humanity to admit that the single woman alone is doing all the computer work, are always criminally defaming her and making up fake stories about goan call girls, cheater housewives and other young frauds who do no computer work at all.