To destroy competition, google BRIBED indian government to pay monthly salaries to FAKE ONLINE EXPERTS with zero online income for ten years since 2010

The fraud levels in the indian internet sector, are so high, that since 2010, the indian government allegedly bribed by google, tata, is falsely claiming that lazy greedy frauds with ZERO ONLINE INCOME are ONLINE EXPERTS to pay all these frauds monthly raw/cbi salaries
to cover up the online expert fraud, the indian, state governments, google, tata, R&AW /cbi are falsely claiming that their LAZY GREEDY FRAUD ROBBER, call girl employees who do no computer work at all, own the paypal, bank account, domains of a private citizen, the google competitor, only to destroy her reputation and life completely
The google, tata PIMPS who have masterminded this ONLINE FRAUD are making fake black money allegations without any legally valid proof to send income tax notice, yet income tax returns of the google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees shows that they have no online income at all since 2010 yet get monthly salaries for FAKING online expertise and promoted by FRAUD indian tech and internet companies like google, tata