When other industry sectors allow professionals to get paid for their expertise, knowledge, why do tech google, tata want ROBBED business information for ten years

There are millions of dropped domains available, no one has stopped google, tata, other it and internet companies from using their million dollar profits to register and renewing these domains
The domain investor has only a few hundred domain names, these are the only domains she can afford
She is also selling the domains if she gets a reasonable price
The domain related expertise is acquired by the domain investor paying Rs 1.5 crore for domains and 13 years of her life.
In all other industry sectors, like medicine, the doctor is allowed to charge a fee for the medical advice he gives, Rs 600- Rs 1000 for specialists , usually 30 minutes of time or less
Only in the indian internet sector, greedy fraud companies, like google, tata do not want to pay domain investors any money for their expertise. Instead they bribe the LIAR security agency employees to abuse their discretionary powers to falsely label the harmless domain investor , a security threat without any proof and then ROB her trade secrets, memory without a legally valid reason.
The robber security agency employees are then sharing the robbed memory with a large number of people, companies and countries in a clear case of piracy

When all other industry sectors allow professionals and investors to make a reasonable living from their expertise, why is the domain investor alone expect to tolerate the ROBBERY of her TRADE SECRETS, MEMORY by BRIBE TAKING LIAR security agencies who then share the robbed memory with greedy fraud companies like google, tata, which do not wish to pay business expenses, salaries