google’s bias against linking of website compared with televison programming , promotion and advertising

Since ntro employees are involved in extra marital affairs, faking relationships for financial fraud, which the indian government is in denial about, and anyone complaining is labelled a security threat, mentally unsound , watching television is a relief for a domain investor who has been cheated repeatedly, because unlike the indian internet sector, which is in denial about the fraud of top officials , the television serials are far more honest about relationships in India, the hypocrisy and lies which is part of living in India

Watching television serials is interesting for the google competitor who is held virtual prisoner by raw/cbi employees not allowed to interact with anyone as it gives a glimpse of life outside, and also advertising norms on Indian television. Google is penalizing and deindexing websites for linking with each other, however the television channeles are using the ad slots in the serial, to promote their other serials repeatedly

For example all the programs/serials broadcast from 7 pm to 9 pm are promoted extensively, with the trailer repeated at least 10 times in a day or more. if the link is repeated many times, google is labelling the website as spam, without checking the quality of the website. When the trailer is shown the television channels have free advertising slots , and are repeating the trailer as a form of advertising, so that viewers may be tempted to watch the serial after finding out the story, spending their time

for example the domain investor was never watching any serial, however bepanah, a story of a well hidden extra marital relationship was interesting as many raw/ntro employees like nayanshree hathwar, puneet, siddhi sunaina, j srinivasan are involved in similar affairs, when the trailer was shown .Similarly if a website owner is not getting any advertising, he or she should be free to link to any other website in the network, and if any person finds the subject interesting, she will at least get a new visitor to the linked website, why is google labelling cross linking as spam

Just because a serial is advertised extensively, no one will waste their time watching the serial, it should have an interesting story, similarly instead of using link patterns to determine whether a website is spam, google should actually check whether the content is something that is worth reading or useful. If the internet sector wishes to retain advertisers