I Am Getting a New Place

We are going to have a find a new place to live now, mostly because Patty has a new job in a school district across the county line. She still wants to live near her parents and the apartments for south Charlotte NC that we have right now is not really that close. I can pretty well live in just about any place to be honest, because the boss will let me work from home a large part of the time. They even paid the difference between a one bedroom apartment and a two bedroom unit so that I could have an office at home. It is not exactly an office and from what I have read I would have some trouble if I tried to write it off as a home office. Apparently when you do that they only let you use it for that one purpose and Patty has put a second hand treadmill in there along with a small television set. That would be enough to jinx it if they actually caught you and this is one of the things that is likely to trigger an audit.

At any rate we have started looking for places and we are seriously thinking about this small little house out in the country. Patty does not like the fact that it is sitting right beside an old graveyard. In fact it used to be the parsonage for this quaint old church in the bend of the road. The place needs a lot of work, but most of it is small stuff that I could do or that I know how to find the people that can do it. The thing I like is that it is sitting on about three and a half acres, and also that it is very cheap if we could get the down payment.