Extremely cruel and selfish ntro employees dupe many people, companies online with their domain fraud

When there is no connection between a domain investor and ntro employees, these ntro employees should be honest about their relationship and leave the domain investor alone. Instead these cunning ntro employees like puneet,vijay, j srinivasan, are behaving like conmen , falsely claiming to know the domain investor very well, and then making fake claims about the online business, domain names , paypal account to exploit the domain investor and deny her the income, opportunities she deserved. Their lazy greedy girlfriends are not spending any money online at all, yet the ntro employees are so vicious in exploiting the domain investor, that they are duping people that their girlfriends own the domain names of the domain investor, google competitor.
These government employees have a huge ego, so they do not even admit that they are involved in a financial fraud . For example why are they falsely claiming that the indore housewife R&AW employee bespectacled veena , a lazy fraud is connected with this websites , when the indore R&AW employee veena does not spend any money on this websites and has never done any work online in her life.

Any suggestion to end the slander campaign of fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence, ntro employees will be greatly appreciated