Google, tata control R&AW/CBI jobs in the internet sector

Indian government agencies like R&AW, NTRO, CBI are officially supposed to be professionally operated and not discriminate against indian citizens. However the harsh reality in 2017, is that large companies like google, tata, are allegedly controlling R&AW/CBI jobs in the indian internet sector having their associates appointed with fake resumes, fake investment and fake work online, with fake references from powerful fraud ntro employees
It appears that the cunning fraud google, tata employees have trained the freelancer ntro employees in art of abusing their powers as NTRO employees with access to powerful equipment to exploit harmless indian paypal account holders, domain investors to enjoy lifetime free sex , jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives like shivalli brahmin raw employee housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, indore fraud housewife veena with fake resume, fake work, fake investment

Financial records will clearly prove that the freelancer ntro, cbi employees working for google, tata are making completely fake claims, yet due to extremely poor governance in India the indian government is blindly believing the complete lies of the google, tata , ntro, cbi employees without verifying the evidence or proof available , and appointing R&AW/CBI employees with monthly salary, on the basis of fake claims

Indian Domain investors would like ntro to be renamed as national tata rumors organization because a large number of ntro employees are freelancing for google, tata and spreading false rumors about domain ownership, paypal account to enjoy free sex, for career promotion